The main competition for an Independent Hotel is the big box chain and their centralized sales support.  AUTONOMOUS was founded to give the little guy a chance.  We want to help Independent Hotels compete against chains.  Our team works to source clients target markets, develop and close new business and provide services like National Account Management that they usually only get when part of a chain.  What is the advantage? Get expertise and veteran talent at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a full time employee who may not have the contacts or the experience to get results FAST.

We bring together the best of the industry’s Independent Contractors, each with 20 plus years experience, who are experts in each solution.  With years of consulting experience, we can provide Independent Hotels the much needed resources to fill the gaps that inhibit success.

Being successful in this ever growing big brand environment requires more feet on the ground than most Independent hotels can manage.  AUTONOMOUS Hospitality offers an affordable extension to your sales team with the experience and resources to get the job done.



Being Independent allows the freedom to be creative and make decisions that are best for your business.  Independent hotels are all different and offer different experiences to many types of travelers.  Being Independently managed gives your sales team the ability to negotiate based on the needs of the travelers and corporate travel programs and take advantage of opportunities to that chains keep for promoting the brand.   

Each client agreement is individually crafted as we believe One Size does not fit all.  Choose one or all of our Sales & Marketing solutions and only pay for what you need.  Join as a member and pay as you go for events and business received!  We take a personal approach to each and every project and can event step directly into your sales organization and work as a member of your team or we can just add to your current sales efforts, feet on the ground, and get you more exposure.

Participate in our annual sales blitz calendar, grab a spot in our booth at industry trade show exhibitions, network at an evening travel agent receptions or let us directly source new corporate or group business for your hotel.  Just some of the great benefits of our services.  




Annual Membership to AUTONOMOUS Hospitality offers hotels an opportunity to expand on their internal sales and marketing efforts with minimal cost. Extend your sales efforts, have a resource for account penetration and an expert in the business travel and consortia travel fields.

Our team is in the field regularly seeing clients and calling on travel agents and corporate accounts. Our efforts open doors to new business and create awareness of your property to allow you to compete with the big brands who have sales people in every market.

An annual membership with AUTONOMOUS includes:

  • Listing in membership directory and collateral
  • Introduction to our client database
  • Website listing with link to hotels booking engine or website
  • Organic lead generation through sales activities
  • Access to participate in all AUTONOMOUS events 
  • Social Media and digital marketing pushes for promotions and  property announcements
  • Production Analysis & Recommendations
  • A resource of client and market information!

Increase your exposure and let AUTONOMOUS act as a sales manager for your property by engaging us for one of our upgraded services including business development, RFP management or direct in-the-field sales representation. Let us generate leads from markets you do not have the team or bandwidth to penetrate



27 years and counting; the hotel industry is what I know!  When I branched out on my own 9 years ago, it was not only to find balance in my life as a mom and business woman but to mix up my experience and share my knowledge without being strapped down to one property.   

My husbands nickname for me was Laragistics so it was only natural that it became the name of my consulting company.   As I gravitated towards distribution services, particularly the GDS, it didn't take long for me to see that hotels had all the tools they needed to compete for consumer and OTA  but there was still a segment that required good old fashioned sales and personal relationship skills they were having trouble staying on top of - Transient Business Travel.  Not only was there a major lack of knowledge of how this segment is booked but what stood out even more was how many hotels needed someone to just help them navigate the business it'self and to open doors to decision makers who would not take their calls

When I joined SiteMinder in 2016, it opened a window into a global network of some of the most unique hotels that I just knew most clients had never heard of!  I had to find a way to get the word out and not let their location or limited budget be a roadblock to their success.

We need to represent differently.  Independent hoteliers have limited access to meet face to face with clients and an ever-growing expansion of brands is an ongoing challenge to stay relevant.  I founded AUTONOMOUS Hospitality to be a central resource to both the hotelier and the travel professional so no opportunity is wasted.  

Its a ever-changing industry but what remains the same, is the need for knowledge and support and no-one needs it more than an Independent hotel.  

Lara Weiss, Laragistics Inc.


GDS and Consortia Consulting

Corporate RFP and Business Development




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